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Homeschooling in Christmas holidays

That time of the year where are colorfully lights are on, special decorations are in place, the particular smell of cinnamon and spices are in the air, and a great smile on children faces, it’s almost here! Homeschooling in Christmas holidays is not an easy task, but here we are going to give you some […]

Socialization in Homeschooling

Even though homeschooling is becoming more popular these days; many people outside this “niche” still believe that socialization in homeschooling is a problem. The cliche of the weird – awkward homeschool child needs to be diluted with the example of the entire community. But let’s face it, when people is considering homeschooling  their first worry […]

How to get started homeschooling

Get started in homeschooling isn’t easy, but with some research ahead, organization and a lot of will power to go through all the ups and downs, you can accomplish successfully your initial stage. Here we put together some tips of  how to get started homeschooling. Parents in the USA are really taking Homeschooling as a […]