Olympic Games activities for children

Olympic Games activities for childrenWith the Olympic Games already here, you need to embrace it. Prepare some Olympic Games activities for children and family to enjoy, while watching games.

Remember you only get the opportunity to see much diversity for few days every 4 years. So, you need take advantage of the performance of approximately 205 countries and thousands of athletes in 42 Sport disciplines.


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Summer activities for homeschoolers: benefits and ideas.

summer activities for homeschoolersDuring summer time everyone is ready for relaxation and recreation. But when planning summer activities for homeschoolers a frequently asked question appears in every homeschool household: To stop or not? Although the answers is according to each family needs, we suggest the answer to the question is: to stop your routine and try something new and different for your children.

The idea of summer activities for homeschoolers is to take a deep breath and relax. Taking the time to recharge energy for your next challenge, but, teaching your children in a fun way taking advantage of the sunny days.

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Motivate homeschooled children to read more

Motivate homeschooled children to read more If you struggle to motivate homeschooled children to read more, here we are going to give you some great tips to boost your children interest to read. If you follow this tips your children will change words like: boring, I don’t have time, I don’t like it… for words of love and acceptance like: great book, lets buy another one, can I have that book… well you got the point. The objective after reading this article is to find your solution to motivate you homeschooled children to read more, but more importantly to love what they read.



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President’s day: role play activity

President’s day: role play activity President’s day is a federal holiday held on the 3rd Monday of February to commemorate past presidents of the United States, including George Washington. This is a great day to involve your children in a fun activity that could give them the ability to understand all the responsibility and characteristics a president has to have in order to run a country.

Either you homeschool your children or not, you as a parent will have a fun day teaching your children skills they will definitely need in the future, no matter what they want to be when they grow up, there is always a need to be a leader at some point in life. Read more

Stimulate creativity thinking in math

Stimulate creativity thinking in math.Creativity thinking in math isn’t something many parents nowadays really refers to, however, moms are always finding activities since the child is born or even before, to stimulate their babies in any possible way: with music, colours, textures or activities that are not usual to get children out of its comfort zone and stimulate its creativity thinking. So, why not stimulate its creativity thinking in math, solving simple or complex activities? Read more