Common characteristics of struggling learners

LearnersStruggling learners, needs a bit more of motivation and surveillance of their parents, they tend to stay behind their class and try to avoid reality of the situation by engaging with their classroom mates in an inappropriate social behavior.

Learnally with its privacy, its portability and its flexibility allows students to go at their own pace, making sure they understand well the core concept and are able to apply it through the different activities. Read more

What does learnally offer to homeschoolers?

learnally learnerAt Learnally we understood the importance of an online learning tool that fits around your daily commitments, tracks your child progress and provide the right explanation at the right time, allowing your child to learn effectively and efficiently.

There are thousands of parents who have already allied with us, helping their children to learn better across the US by enrolling them on the right path for learning success. Read more

Online learning tool

learnally-online toolIn Learnally we care about children personal development. That is why, with our online learning tool, children can become “active learners”, as they build up their self-esteem and confidence while they advance and learn by their own, and in their own time. Read more

Common characteristics of advance learners

characteristics of advance learnersChildren’s capability to learn differs from one another, some of them learn fast and have a high interest on carrying on their path to learn as much as they can.

They are the kind of people that questions continuously, are opinionated, independent and like to be challenged.

It is why with Learnally your children can go as fast as they want and review all the material if they decide, our aim is to satisfy children’s learning needs.
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