Why homeschooling is good for learning?

 Why homeschooling is good for learning?Why homeschooling is good for learning? Is the question many ask themselves over and over, with so much to say about homeschooling, those that are not yet involved in this lovely movement might want to really know what is all the fuss about and why homeschooling families are so proud of it. Here we are going to list a few reasons to answer: why homeschooling is good for learning? So they can consider it or understand it. Read more

Standardized tests under scrutiny

Standardized tests LearnAllyThe case for and against standardized tests at schools.

Standardized tests are under scrutiny. As they should be.

Recently, the Senate education committee held a hearing on testing.  There is even a draft bill giving a lot more leeway to states in designing their own assessment systems.
But Education Secretary insist that annual tests should remain mandatory.

All the while parents, students and educators around the country are asking serious questions about the number of tests children are taking and the reasons they’re taking them.  Read more