Common characteristics of advance learners

characteristics of advance learnersChildren’s capability to learn differs from one another, some of them learn fast and have a high interest on carrying on their path to learn as much as they can.

They are the kind of people that questions continuously, are opinionated, independent and like to be challenged.

It is why with Learnally your children can go as fast as they want and review all the material if they decide, our aim is to satisfy children’s learning needs.

Characteristics of advance learners

  • They are very critic people and like voice their opinion and ideas
  • They like to be curious, ask many questions like why and how.
  • They are independent and prefer discover by their own.
  • They are natural readers.
  • They like challenges.
  • They have longer attention, and can be multitask.
  • Their vocabulary is considered advance for their age.
  • They prefer an organized structured environment .
  • They have an eye for details .

With LearnAlly, your children trace their own learning limits.