Tips for Encouraging Struggling Students

Encouraging struggling students - flash cardsEncouraging struggling students is not as difficult as it sounds. When it comes to enhancing your learners’ knowledge extra focus needs to be taken on extra curriculum activities, those activities made outside de “Classroom” based learning. There are a vast number of assistance materials available to struggling students that they can take advantage of outside of class time.

Here are some of the top tools available for struggling students that can help them to improve their learning strategy and comprehension for the future:

Flash cards: flash card exercises have been successful over many years for teaching students memorization. When it comes to memorizing multiplication tables, spelling, anatomy and more flashcards can be an excellent tool for many different types of learners.

Multisensory workshops: workshops are a compelling way that struggling students can have access to many different types of teaching resources for retaining information. When a learner is given access to many different types of instruction as well as sights, sounds and other forms of stimulation in their learning experience they can better attach an emotion or a connection to their learning.

Short instruction sessions: regular review is important outside of the classroom but one of the best ways that you can reach a struggling student is with short instruction sessions. This means taking time out to play but being sure to spend time reviewing work or working on a class exercise for a short amount of time. Working on a 50% fun 50% learning ratio with review activities will make sure that struggling students are much more likely to want to regularly go to review sessions.

Online learning resources: Online learning resources, software and programs are extremely beneficial for helping difficult learners. These online review sessions are structured with activities and games that engage on multiple levels and ensure that even the most difficult learners can find some type of understanding in the programs which are consistently updating. Online web browser instruction materials are massively compatible and fun for children of all ages.

Use these top methods for encouraging struggling students in the future! If you have adopted a homeschool approach, try to incorporate all this Tips for encouraging struggling students in your daily lives, whether it is shopping, going in the car or visiting family. Remember it is very important to take advantage of your child’ span of attention at any time.

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