4 Key Questions for Use in Evaluating Your Homeschooling Activities

Evaluating Your Homeschooling ActivitiesAs a homeschooling parent, you want to be sure that your kids are getting the best possible education you can provide for them. You know that there are plenty of homeschooling opportunities available, from programs that will allow you to send your child online to work independently to field trips that you’ll take along with your kids. As you decide what homeschooling activities you’re going to pursue in 2016, ask yourself these questions.

1. Is this program or homeschooling activity useful for your student? Does it offer the type of content that your child needs to be working on, in a way that will help enhance your child’s understanding of the topic? For example, an online learning program might help add depth and detail to a lesson that you’ve struggled to teach your child, making it a very useful activity. On the other hand, a field trip that has only tangential relevance to your current course of study might not be useful, though it’s certainly fun.

2. Does this program or activity present the information in a way your child can understand? As a homeschooling parent, you have the luxury of tailoring your daily educational pursuits to your child’s unique needs. As a result, when you choose an activity or program, you want to make sure that it’s presenting the information in a way that your child can understand. If it’s not tailored to their learning style, you should pursue other alternatives.

3. Does this program or activity interest your child? While there is certain basic curriculum that you have to cover whether your child is interested in it or not, you can also tailor your educational program to your child’s unique interests and preferences. Look for activities and programs that are interesting to your child to help engage them in the learning process.

4. Does this homeschooling activity fit into your current plans or curriculum? As more and more parents are choosing to teach their students at home, more homeschooling activities are made available. Online resources, in particular, are more prevalent than ever before. You could spend hours sifting through all of the supplemental curriculum available, from websites dedicated to particular content areas to books dedicated to homeschooling as a whole. To create the most coherent educational path for your child, you need to evaluate new activities or programs against your current curriculum and see where it fits in.

With time, evaluating homeschooling activities and opportunities will become second nature. You’ll learn how each activity has the potential to fit into your schedule, how to tailor them to your student’s particular needs, and how to increase learning with each subject that you cover. In the meantime, asking yourself these questions whenever you consider a new activity will help keep you on track and enable you to choose educational opportunities that will hold value for your child and their individual learning process. What works for one child won’t necessarily hold the key for another, but as a homeschooling parent, you have the luxury of seeking out the answers that are particular to your child.