Homeschool burnout: how to overcome it

mom and child homeschool burnoutHomeschool is an art that requires constant doses of positivism and great attitude, however this scenery can go from time to time, to extreme negativism, arising some aspects that causes homeschool burnout, making you to feel down and hopeless.

Homeschool burnout is an experience all homeschool parents goes through once in a while, although it can manifested in different ways.  Not matter the know-how of the family in homeschooling, it will set, in any family at any point of your school year.

If you identify yourself with the following characteristics, you are experiencing it right now, and that is why you wondering and feeling demotivated:

  • Feeling irritable
  • Depressed
  • Hopeless
  • Overwhelmed with your daily activities
  • Get angry easily
  • If you think your child and you can do more to learn

The intense feeling of the above characteristics is the sign you are definitely homeschool burnout. Remember you are not alone in this situation, the key is to know the reasons it appears, and the solution for the steps to follow.

Causes of homeschool burnout

Homeschool burnout can rise from many aspects at home, within yourself or to the day to day school. Life is not always smooth and how you want it to be. The following will help you to identify what are the possible reasons you are homeschool burnout.

  1. Setting your goals quite high: we all can be too ambitious some times
  2. Feeling overwhelm: homeschooling, extra curriculum activities and other general commitments can overwhelm you from time to time
  3. Not enough interaction with the outside world: to homeschool your children doesn’t mean you have to stay at homes 24/7. For you and children’s health you should go out frequently, and interact with your community
  4. Facing parenting control issues, which are not solved: you need to tackle any difficulty you experience with your children.
  5. Not having time on your own: we all need a quiet and self-time to synchronize your thoughts and feelings. Take the opportunity to enjoy what you like to do the most

You know you are homeschool burnout, when it stops to be enjoyable and becomes a chore. 

Overcoming homeschool burnout

Don’t compare your family, your children or yourself with others, we all have different ways of learning, teaching or just enjoying what each other do. By stopping this unconscious thought, you won’t think about: are we doing it correct? What else can we do to be better?

To go through this dark times and enjoy homeschooling again, we recommend you do the following:

Step back: step aside and look everything you are doing from another point of view. Take a break from academic activities, the main benefit of homeschooling is that you have the control of what to do each day, feeling homeschool burnout and carry on with your schedule is not recommendable.

Here 7 tips to refresh you homeschool year 

Get together with other homeschool families: when you get together with someone that knows what you are going through is much easier to open up and find the right solution for your family; local supports groups are a great social interaction space to ask for, share or give advice.

Check your homeschool schedule: are you sure your actual homeschool schedule is the right for you? Moms have many daily activities to accomplish each day, and sometimes not distributing the time in a smart way can cause you to exhausted and get homeschool burnout.

Some ideas to get your ideal homeschooling mom schedule

Have fun with outside activities: as said before, you need to go out and have fun with your children, you will be surprise how much they can learn and review, by going to the local library, to the museum or to the park. Get advantage of your natural and educational local community resources.

Evaluate your homeschool activities with this 4 key questions

Take into account the different learning styles: because you think is fun and engaging, it doesn’t necessarily means your children find it fun too. You should go through a variety of exercises to explore what your child like the most and learn easily with. You need to consider visual learning, auditory learning or kinesthetic learning

Get material support: sometimes you need some help with an extra tool that helps you improve what you teaches them, or to help you with what you find difficult to teach. You have one less worry and everything starts to become more enjoyable.

Consider these points, when thinking about an online learning platform

Spend some family time: sometimes you only need to go back to basics and to the reason of why you are doing homeschooling. Some quality time with your family will charge you of energy and clear thinking about, what is the next step in your journey as homeschool parent.

This are just a few suggestions for you if are feeling overwhelm about overcoming homeschool burnout. You might find you unique way of overcoming it, if you want to share it with us, feel free to talk us on twitter: @learnally