Homeschooling in Christmas holidays

Homeschooling in Christmas holidaysThat time of the year where are colorfully lights are on, special decorations are in place, the particular smell of cinnamon and spices are in the air, and a great smile on children faces, it’s almost here! Homeschooling in Christmas holidays is not an easy task, but here we are going to give you some very helpful ideas to incorporate some homeschooling activities around this season, children won’t even realize they are studying.



With all the enthusiasm and happiness around this time, children only want to play around and have a fun time. Here comes your challenge, what can you do to tackle all your Christmas holidays commitments and at the same time do some homeschooling activities?

December certainly is a month where mums needs to bring out all the project management skills, to be able to organize in advance all it is to this season. Some tips to be successful are:

  • Planning your daily routine: change your routine to fit all the extra demands and social commitments. Be prepared to change or delay any daily scheduled activity.
  • Setting up times: deadlines are great to help you with all the noise of Christmas. While you plan your day make sure you are in track to accomplish your deadline.
  • Prioritize: we all tend to procrastinate by nature. What we suggest is: know what needs to be done and try to do it during the first hours of the day.

As you see this tips are very common, but if you really stand by them you will accomplish wonders and will have free time. It all depends of how organize you are.

December = family time + homeschooling + social commitments + many extra home activities to do.

To tackle all the above events, you need some intelligent thinking and as previously said: be organized. However, you will be amazed about how much you can do while your children practice some sort of skill.

Homeschooling in Christmas holidays, activities ideas.

  1. Make your Christmas ornaments

The joy of Christmas holidays is all the decoration and colors around home and the streets. One of your difficult tasks is putting everything out, and cope with small children and maybe a pet. If you are a pet lover type of person.

However, it doesn’t need to be painful. You know that when you do something and it takes time to do it, you will be more careful, same happen with kids.

When kids are involve in doing the Christmas decoration, in every stage of the way: planning, doing it and deciding where it should be display. They will be very proud of themselves, as their art work will be seen by friends and family members, and then, they will take extra care with their work.

Here you teach your children to plan ahead and practice some of their art skills. You can also surprise them with a new painting technique.

  1. DIY gifts

During Christmas holidays you also tend to show you appreciation to friends and family with a little something. Some of the options you have are:

  1. Christmas cards
  2. Baking goodies
  3. Small ornaments

Once again you children will be doing hand on activities. Let their creativity flow and they will come up with some pretty good ideas.

As a note, we would like to stress the importance of cooking in children’s life. If you encourage them from an early age, they are more likely to embrace it and love it or at least cope with it. We all want to raise independent people, and having this skill will help them at great deal when they grow up. Involve them as often as you can in cooking related activities.

  1. Explore nature

For many people when Christmas holidays arrive, also comes winter or summer, it depend of your geographical location. It means nature changes with it too. Take this relaxing time to explore outdoors, to see how much nature changes and what it means for the ecosystem. Spot different types of animals that maybe not that common in another season. See all the colors diversity that nature has to offer and teach them how to take care of the environment.

  1. Some reading time

Homeschooling in Christmas holidays doesn’t have to be boring, reading season related histories can be a great idea to teach your children the history behind it.

Reading out loud during this time is even more special. So don’t miss out this opportunity to read while having fun, remember that you can do a lot of after reading activities. Don’t let reading become monotonous.

Cindy from: our journey wet ward blog, has a very good reading recommendation list

  1. Social loving

Christmas is also a time where we should all be giving something back to the community, to the people with needs, to those that don’t have a family to share with, to those that struggle during this time, to lonely elderly people… out there, out of our own little bubble of comfort and fairy tale in which many of us live, there are many people whith a lot of needs.

Take advantage of this time to teach your children how fortune they are, and how lucky they are every day, for having everything they need and more. One thing is for sure, loving, care and affection are the most important gifts anyone can received.

If you don’t know what to do, try this 25 acts of kindness.

The homeschool mom blog, has share a very good list of ideas for homeschooling in Christmas holiday, have a look there if you need some more inspiration:

Lesson Plans Ideas

Also, remember that you can always complement all your homeschooling activity with an online learning tool this will help you to find some time for your family commitments while your children has quality learning activities to do.

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