What is the Ideal Home School Day?

ideal home school dayHomeschooling itself can be overwhelming, but having an organize day can help you to achieve all your general and daily goals. Although there is not a typical ideal home school day, here we will share some tips so you can maximize your time and accomplish more.





Ideal home school day tips. Have a stress free day.

  1. Set up a starting and finish time

Teach your children the value of time. It is essential you have a define time for your children to start their daily commitments and to finish all the activities and enjoy family live.

Moreover having this routine will help kids to get more confident as they know what to expect, reduce struggle to start their daily learning and minimize desire to do something else.

So, your ideal home school day needs to begin and finish with “discipline” as the main driver.

  1. First, get the hard work done

It’s better to tackle difficult learning material in the middle morning when children have their concentration span higher. This an ideal time to teach essential lessons and more difficult subjects, more theoretical lessons less of the practical or hands on one´s.

Well, in order to deploy better your time and get advantage of the morning, you as the parent/teacher needs to have all the material prepared in advanced according to your teaching style but more importantly with your children learning style.

If you have more than one child educating at home, it is important to have one to one time during this period.

  1. Afternoon fun

After all the theory and hard work done, it is time to have some “relaxing” time. Remember children learn more when playing and socializing. Take advantage of it and take them to outside activities that can complement all the theory they have done in the morning.

An ideal home school day needs some of fresh air, hands on projects, field trips, museums, exercise activities… here you have the opportunity to relate and socialize with other families that share your philosophy in educating children.

  1. Have regular breaks

Having a monotonous day is boring for anyone, imagine for your children.

The key of having successful breaks time is to have them at the same time and for the same length of time. This will increase your child interest for learning as they can focus better.

You could be asking now: what works better, long or short breaks?

There is not right or wrong answer here, as it depends on what is best for your children and how exigent is the activity doing at the time. You as the parent will know what to do once you get to know your child.

As a conclusion, to have an ideal home school day you should, define a start and finish time, tackle harder topics in the morning and have all the material prepared in advance, have fun in the afternoon and keep your break times at the same time of the day and for the same length of time.

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