Ideas for your Homeschooling holiday.

Homeschooling holidayHomeschooling holiday can be taken any time during the year. You are the boss, so, you decide. However, which parent will take away Christmas spirit from their child? You need to admit that during this time you can be better off sharing and enjoying with family and friends, those times will live forever on your child’s memory.

Whether, your homeschooling holiday is short or long, you need to know how you are going to make the most out of this time. Here we will give some great ideas to put into practice:

Teamwork activities: during your homeschooling holiday you can teach your child how to be part of a team. Aim to create activities that involve a small number of players where they need to work for the same goal. The ideal will be to have children of the same age doing relevant activities according to their age.

Cooking time: nowadays many children likes to cook and bake amazing creations. Here children will get a hands on experience, they will change their day to day routine and the most beneficial thing, they can get to eat some of the baking or you can create homemade gifts to give family and friends. So, what do you have to lose?

Practice your homeschool curriculum: taking a homeschooling holiday doesn’t necessarily means to forget about all academic base activities, the best idea is to integrate the subjects with a twist. You can try: writing greeting cards for your love ones, read classic Christmas histories, get them to write and decorate their Christmas wish list, let them to manage the budget for your Christmas dinner…. Well you get the point!

What about performing? Arts can be practice a lot during this time, encourage child to sing, to rehearse a play or to play the instrument of their preference. This will help them to get discipline to do what they love in front of family and enjoying even more their homeschooling holiday.

Field trips: although you can have this treat any time during the year, your family can enjoy the different seasons Mother Nature has to offer us, get outside and enjoy the colors, the animals and the different landscapes your region has to offer.

Well, what you do and how you do it is entirely up to you! But, we hope this ideas will help you to get through your homeschooling holiday, enjoy family and reinforce your child’s knowledge without them noticing. This is the best way they learn to love learning!

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