Motivate homeschooled children to read more

Motivate homeschooled children to read more If you struggle to motivate homeschooled children to read more, here we are going to give you some great tips to boost your children interest to read. If you follow this tips your children will change words like: boring, I don’t have time, I don’t like it… for words of love and acceptance like: great book, lets buy another one, can I have that book… well you got the point. The objective after reading this article is to find your solution to motivate you homeschooled children to read more, but more importantly to love what they read.



Tips to motivate homeschooled children to read more.

  1. Let them choose:

Children don’t enjoy very much when you impose them a book, the best option is to take them to the library where they have a lot of options to choose from. Then, you will need to help them to narrow down the options according to their interest, you always can guide them in a natural manner, but the decision should be entirely up to them.

  1. Set up a Reading time:

Fit in your daily schedule some reading time either weekly or daily, you know best your child and you need to work out how it best fit into your lives.  By doing so, children will notice that reading is an important activity to do and you always should find the time to dedicate to it. It is also important that all family member read during this time, or that the children sees you reading from time to time, so you can also motivate your children to carry on reading if they see you doing it too.

The tactic that you use during this time is according to your teaching style, the reading and how your children enjoy it the best. You can read aloud taking turns, this help you to develop other important skills for later in life.

  1. Socialize after reading time:

Discussion is a great way of developing children´s reading comprehension. You can start by talking about what you read and then start to ask them questions about their own reading, to see how they do in this exercise. Children in order to talk about the topic and have a clear opinion of what they liked or not of the book, they need to understand the text and look for arguments to support their opinion or answer to your questions.

Encourage them to start a conversation. Help them to develop their critical thinking every time you have the opportunity.

  1. Fun activities:

Reading doesn’t always needs to happen as an isolate activity all by your own. As teacher you need to be creative about how you teach your children. Let your children see that reading is more than that. Show them in different activities the magic of reading, perhaps creating mini plays, acting out stories that you read and allowing them to contribute to the story, this will help them to comprehend that reading is a fun world.

  1. Don’t make books mandatory:

Reading can take place in everyday activities: while you go to the shopping mall, making a recipe, by following instructions, reading a magazine, comics or playing a board game that involve written instructions. You don’t always need to stick your children to one book in specific. Children like variety and work best if you involve them in other activities with the same final objective.

To finish remember that the best option is the choice your children make as this is a natural method of enhancing motivation on their reading. Make reading time a family activity, discuss and stimulate their critical thinking and let reading be fun.

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