Olympic Games activities for children

Olympic Games activities for childrenWith the Olympic Games already here, you need to embrace it. Prepare some Olympic Games activities for children and family to enjoy, while watching games.

Remember you only get the opportunity to see much diversity for few days every 4 years. So, you need take advantage of the performance of approximately 205 countries and thousands of athletes in 42 Sport disciplines.


Olympic Games activities for children and family:

  1. Enhance geography and cultural curiosity:

Children are very inquisitive about what they find interesting, amusing or different. Therefore, it is always a good practice to motivate them to learn about the opponents. Ask children to locate the opponent country on the map and read further about their culture and customs.

You can also explain the importance of citizenship by learning or reviewing the meaning of the national symbols and national anthem.

  1. Discover and explore some sports:

By watching the Olympics Games Rio 2016 children get to known a large variety of sports they did not know it exist. This discovery may trigger the willingness to learn, practice and become a professional. Embracing one of the many sports disciplines available, and become the next athlete to win an Olympic gold medal.

  1. Explore Olympians personality traits:

All athletes share some characteristics that take them to give the best possible performance in any competence. Children needs to know that to become what they want to be when they grow up, they need to be focused and disciplined to achieve it.

They should also learn, food is a key element for physical performance. Show them which is the food they should be eating to become stronger, and which is and is not good for their body.

Teamwork, is crucial for some sports (Football, Volleyball…) children needs to realize that in many cases they achieve more when working as a team. Consequently, show them how every athlete have behind him/her a team of people (Coaches, Physical Therapists and Assistants) wanting them to succeed.

  1. The bitter flavor of winning:

To win they need to strive to accomplish their goal. The reality is they first needs to conquer fears, falls and criticisms. This Olympic Games is a great opportunity to teach children to win and to lose.

Teach them the importance of not giving in pursuing their dreams and don’t let the adversity that comes along the way crushes their dreams.


Ask. To keep children engaged during the Olympic Games Activities, you should ask them smart questions all the time.

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