Online learning tool

learnally-online toolIn Learnally we care about children personal development. That is why, with our online learning tool, children can become “active learners”, as they build up their self-esteem and confidence while they advance and learn by their own, and in their own time.

What about the different learning styles that this online learning tool supports?

Learnally supports different learning styles, from those visual learners which prefer materials like pictures or charts. The animation of this online learning tool let children to “see” the solutions, step by step, as many times as they need to understand what happened in the math exercises or other activities, likewise, the feedback feature let them see the complete process and solution.

Other children prefer listening and discuss about a topic, listening to the important and necessary information via multimedia instructions allows them to hear what they need to know.

Kinesthetic learning prefers a hands-on approach allowing them to move around, without the classroom. With the advantage this online learning tool allows children work from any devices, and the interactive feature of button pushing, adapting well to this type of learner.

Why should you use this online learning tool?

  • Develop automaticity through practice.
  • Accommodate different learning styles.
  • Provide ongoing feedback to students about their educational progress
  • Students must be able to evaluate their own progress
  • Provide instruction in as many different modalities as possible
  • Allow students select from different ways to evaluate their performance
  • Use the student progress report to register progress and set short term goals

Learnally was born to offer students a tool they can easily use and enjoy while they learn all the basics according their grade, and parents the peace of mind their children are well guided.

Here some types of questions, your children will be interacting with.


Learnally Context Question


Drill Question