How do you combine online and offline homeschool activities?

How do you combine online and offline homeschool activitiesCombining online and offline homeschool activities is essential to take advantage of both methodologies enhancing your child cognitive skills. It isn’t a secret these days children have access to portable devices:  laptops, mobiles or tablets. This has changed drastically how children interact and learn, but, is up to you as the teacher integrate both worlds successfully.

To combine online and offline homeschool activities you should have into account your child learning style and your teaching style. Either you teach them offline (traditional method) and practice online, or they learn the core online and practice offline. What is the best option? Only you can know that. You and your child has a unique ways of coping with homeschooling.

Here some ideas of how you can combine online and offline homeschool activities:

  1. Choose an online program that helps you to track your child’s performance:

Online learning platforms such as Learnally, have three main advantages over traditional methods, first you can keep track of your child performance, this help you to clearly see your children weak or strong core concepts. Second, you children will be giving step by step explanations as they develop the activities. Third, by learning or practising online, children will have a sense of independence, as they do the work by themselves, guided by the software and supervised by the parents.

Today children can learn as they play. What is important is the type of resources you are using to complement the knowledge they acquired.

  1. Have hands on material, where children can apply what they learnt online:

Hands one material is essential for kids at any age. Having the sensorial experience of creating or writing is better, will be more rewarding and have more sense of achievement.

Here you can find printables, games or any other material that helps you to complement the core concept your child is doing in their online learning.

  1. Encourage them to write in a notebook or a big board where they can write without problem:

A very good practice that you can adapt to your daily homeschool activities is: ask your child to resume what they have learnt at the end of the day, encourage them to write it to improve their writing and comprehension skills. This will give you an inside of what has worked and what needs to be reinforce.

  1. Be part of a homeschool group in your area:

We could not stress enough the importance of belonging. If you are part of a homeschool community as parent you will feel supported and with better ideas to implement, and your children will have a close group of friends to socialize with, which is the biggest fear of homeschool parent who are just starting.

These were just a few option of how you can integrated online and offline homeschool activities for a better core concept comprehension. Give your child the opportunity of having the best of both methodologies.

If you have other ideas of how you can integrate online and offline homeschooling activities, share it with us on twitter: @learnally