President’s day: role play activity

President’s day: role play activity President’s day is a federal holiday held on the 3rd Monday of February to commemorate past presidents of the United States, including George Washington. This is a great day to involve your children in a fun activity that could give them the ability to understand all the responsibility and characteristics a president has to have in order to run a country.

Either you homeschool your children or not, you as a parent will have a fun day teaching your children skills they will definitely need in the future, no matter what they want to be when they grow up, there is always a need to be a leader at some point in life.

Show them what it takes to be a great leader!

Role play allows children to get into a character and act as if they really were someone else, in this case they are going to be the president of your household for a day (how fun is that!). This needs preparation beforehand so they understand and know how they need to act during their presidential term. The stage also needs to be created, think about what they are going to wear, until how your house will become the president’s residence, the key is to help them to be as realistic as possible.

As any other activity, role playing also needs to have clear rules established, what they can and can’t do, what will be the duration of the activity, who else is going to be helping out?, what is your role as parent? Maybe you want to be the vice-president…. We think you got the point.

The idea is to discuss and clear out what are the functions of a president, to get their creativity going ask open ended questions, such us: what do you think the president has for lunch? How should a president make a speech? How do you imagine the president’ mornings?

What kid would not enjoy to be in the presidents shoes for a day? Here children can learn from the positive or negative consequences of the decisions they make during the day.

What characteristics will you enhance in your president’s day role play activity?


If children want their voice to be heard and followed. They need to become good leaders. Let him/her lead the household for a day! Teach them what taking a decision could mean, what they gain or lose with it. Ask them questions that gets them thinking about which option could be better. With simple activities such as: lead the way to the mall, lead the decision of where going out for the day.


A president must be organized in every aspect: with their daily schedule, with their family, with their working space. Here you can: let them organize the schedule of what they are going to be doing during their term, as detailed as possible, and get them to organize their room or working space.


It requires commitment and self-discipline to keep up with their daily schedule. By sticking to what they said they would be doing, will help them to delimitate the time between an activity to another.


Every president needs to have clear the country’s resources. Let children go to a buying trip to the supermarket, to buy the ingredients for their favorite recipe, give them just enough money, so they can also practise their additions and make some decisions of what to buy or not to buy.

Express himself:

Daily talks with the press, with other countries representatives or commissioners, are part of the activities a president needs to do. Here you can establish a “Serious” discussion with your child, or perhaps they can write a speech about anything they might like to express their opinion, film them with your mobile to recreate the cameras in the press room!

Decision making:

As said before, help them to think about what is good or not, so, they experience the consequences of those decisions. You can include it in any of the activities above.

Role play helps children to make sense of the world around them, acting as the president will enhance their creativity, imagination and critical thinking.

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This is just an idea of how to commemorate President’s day. Share it with your social network if you think it may be of interest for them.  You can also share your thoughts with us on twitter: @learnally

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