Refresh your homeschool year with this 7 tips.

homeschool yearAlthough it is not the beginning of a new homeschool year, it is always good to take a break, look back and change for the better, improving on what needs attention and changing what is not working for you as a homeschool mom.

The following steps will help you to refresh your homeschool year, you can implement as few or as many as you want, either way by doing it you will get great benefits for all your family.

1. Evaluate your homeschool year so far and your student performance: it is necessary to look back at what you have done right or wrong, at this point you need to have into account all the effort that you do as a teacher and the student progress.

Questioning yourself: why am I homeschooling? What do I expect from my children? And, what about their personal goals? … This answers will give you a light on what you should focus your efforts in what is left of the school year.

You can also evaluate your homeschool activities to get a more holistic overview of your homeschool program.

2. Set up SMART Goals: successful projects always start looking at two essential points: where are we now? and, where do we want to be?. The analysis you have done previously will allow you to have a clear picture of your long and short term goals. It’s crucial to write it down and put it in a visible place, where you can refer any time you may be feeling lost or down.

SMART stand out for: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely. Using this framework will help you to get your homeschool year goals as realistic as posible.

3. Define or redefine your teaching style: every parent or teacher has his/her own way of teaching. Here it is important to have into account your children’s personality and how they learn best. Having this clear will allow you to modify your curriculum and extra curriculum activities, to get the most benefits of what is left of the homeschool year.

4. Is your daily routine helping you or letting you down? You, as a homeschooler parent needs to have into account many factors of your daily family time and your daily homeschool activities. Redefine your daily schedule so it help you to take advantage of the time you and your child are more productive and willing to take on challenges. The most important thing is to enjoy what you do.

5. Are your supplies running out? It is recommended to reorder your room at the begining, and half way point of the homeschool year, this give you a sense of new, clean and renovated space. Furthermore, having the right materials and the right room, will help you to stick to the schedule. Create this special space with your children for your children, this way, they’ll be comfortable doing their homeschool activities. It is important to have a designed shelve for your supplies and keep an eye on it, so, you can make a list for future shopping trips and don’t run out.

6. Inspire yourself: we all need to charge our batteries and fill up with new ideas, positive ideas to get through what is left of the homeschool year, easier and with a smile. Here, you can read about your favourite authors and browse blogs of other homeschool moms that share their experienced, you only need to take notes of their recommendations. Then, you have three options: implement the idea in its original advice, modify it according to your needs and lifestyle or ignore it completely.

Here our recommendation is always to modify what other people is suggesting according to your needs.

7. Define activities plans for the semester: your children needs to go out, experiment the environment they are living in.

Take them to the differents events, museums or other recreational space according to their age, will help them a great deal on their interpersonal relationships. If you are wondering, how many activities by homeschool year is recommended? We will say, it’ll depends of how your children learn, the topics that you are teaching and your teaching style. However, it will be nice to make an effort and have at least 6 educational trips during the homeschool year.

These are just few activities you can do at any time to refresh your homeschool year. If you want to share what works for you, let’s talk on twitter @learnally

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