Reward homeschool children to encourage them every day

Activity to reward homeschool children Parents whom homeschool their children can sometimes struggle to keep them engaged with their school duties while doing some house work, by this we mean doing their bed every morning, putting their clothes in the right spot and some other children chores. To reward homeschool children to keep the balance and the motivation up is essential in our point of view.

Children loves to be rewarded by nature, they really enjoy doing what they love and are passionate about, however is up to us (parents) to know how to reward them and how to teach them some values with this exercise. As human beings we need to keep rewarding ourselves as a demonstration for our hard work or just enjoyment.

Why to reward homeschool children?

One of the best ways to encourage children to do their tasks efficiently is by giving them something in exchange of their effort. Is not bribe them, is encouragement.

You should reward children to help them to do something difficult but not impossible for them. For example for homeschool children core learning responsibilities can be a bit boring or can be sometimes stressful. But by giving encouragement, they might stop procrastinating and get the tasks done quickly.

How to reward homeschool children?

Difficulties start to surge once is time to choose the type of reward giving to children. The point is to balance very well: experience, material stuff and monetary rewards. It´s better not to focus on material rewards solely, as you can also encourage them to do well in exchange of a nice trip to the park or the library. It’s all about what your child enjoys doing the most and you can use it slightly to your parenthood advantage.

Here you can do activities or go to places according to the topic your homeschool child is taking at that point. Perhaps, going to the museum to learn some history, or to the aquarium to study the underwater world or going to the cinema can be their afternoon trip encouragement.

Now if you are rewarding monetarily, you have another dilemma: what is the best way to do it? Our point of view is, start with cash so your child learn the meaning of real money, having physical money helps children with their counting, basic mathematics operations and to manage their budget.

Then, you can go to the digital world, and use apps like: Allowance Manager, by doing this, they will start to learn “how” adults handle their money. Then later your children can move into bank accounts. All this three steps will be according their age, your accompaniment and the ultimate objective which is to learn to deal with their monetary choices.

The secret is in how you handle the treats, since your child starts to see its benefits at an early age. If you are one of those how likes to have a system in place, you can use token or points rewards. Here you have specific objectives, times and number of points assigned for each stated task. It is perfect to reward homeschool children.

However, if you wish to have a more easy going approach and don’t want your child get used to this type of methodology, you can just have one day of the week intended for a surprise reward.

What method you use, how you used it and what advantage are you going to have of it. Depends entirely up to your homeschool style and your family life.

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