Start New Year with an Ideal Homeschooling Mom Schedule

Start New Year with an Ideal Homeschooling Mom ScheduleDon’t you now get bored when you hear about New Year resolutions? Well, they may be exaggerated in television industry. You don’t have to make absurd claims about anything which you know you’re not going to fulfill it anyway. As we are entering 2016, this is the time when we all need to realize, especially homeschooling mom, all the mistakes we have committed consciously or unconsciously related to your kids and their educational activities. This is the time when you need to start organizing their academic workload and school books etc. No, I am not going to tell to do this and that, rather, I am telling as to how you can handle an ideal homeschooling Mom schedule efficiently in 2016.

For an ideal homeschooling Mom schedule, our major focus will be on as how to we fit all academic activities in it in a perfect manner in order to make sure that our kids have a productive school year.

Brainstorming the Big Picture

Yes, you cannot narrow it all down at the first step. No matter how realistic or practical you’re in your ideal year, you will always be having an ideal map of homeschooling, don’t you? Take a pen and list it out. It is vital to include important academic elements such as curriculum guide, standard workload as suggested and yearly budgeting to make sure you’re not going out of context.

Do it Simple but in an Accurate Manner

Let’s do it in a simple way. Roughly, children go to school 180 days in the whole year. So it will be around total 36 weeks. There are some states where children go 4 days a week and others where children go to school 5 days a week. Make a weekly schedule accordingly. However, I urge to count Friday as a regular academic day as you can have the option to use it to do mathematics or revision of the academic week along with outdoor and travelling activities.

Breaking Dowing the Curriculum

Now break down the academic curriculum and divide it equally into weeks. Make sure you have at least one or two weeks in order to compensate for any emergency situation. You can divide it chapter-wise or page-wise, whatever suits to you but one or two chapter a week would be ideal as it would spread the work over the whole year. Also you need to ensure that children are going to learn at least something in every week as it is to have a smooth academic calendar for your children. One of the most important features of this scheduling is to make weekly tables and write their desired focus or chapter names of each book you want your kids to cover. Don’t take your kids for granted rather strictly mark each week along with year when it is done.

Think About the Vacation and Sport Activities

Although you know almost all the dates associated with vacations, sports and other such non-academic activities yet they may also come in between these 36 weeks. So you need to fill out these stumbling blocks carefully. Don’t mark these dates in your mind rather mark a special calendar for your kids in red to make it certain.

To conclude, this brief homeschooling Mom schedule will enable you to make your kids go through every week as per their schedule, constant marking and strict regulation will keep the on track, staying sane academically throughout the year and you’ll also have a couple of additional weeks if things don’t go as planned due to any unforeseen circumstances.