Stimulate creativity thinking in math

Stimulate creativity thinking in math.Creativity thinking in math isn’t something many parents nowadays really refers to, however, moms are always finding activities since the child is born or even before, to stimulate their babies in any possible way: with music, colours, textures or activities that are not usual to get children out of its comfort zone and stimulate its creativity thinking. So, why not stimulate its creativity thinking in math, solving simple or complex activities?

Heather Hill, a professor at Harvard defined creativity thinking in math as “Kids having their own ideas about how mathematics works and being able to work to verify that those ideas are correct”

To enhance your child’s creativity thinking in math, you need to employ engaging “problem” activities to really get them thinking about how to figure something out. The answer will vary a lot from one child to another, and from this different points of view, your children can even discuss why they think the right answer is the one they have said.

Kids love to learn how things work, they only need a bit of stimulation to get it done. By interacting and asking smart questions to your children, you can assess how they are doing on the core concepts that help them to defend the answers they provided.

Here some suggestions of how you can incorporate in your daily routine some simple activities that will enhance your child’s creativity thinking in math and developing argumentation skills:

  1. While you do the daily shopping, get your children to spot the differences and similarities between two products of the same range.
  2. In the parking lot ask them an open question like: how would you organize all the cars that are in this parking lot?
  3. Get them to think, how many different routes can them take to get from point A to point B?
  4. When they give you an answer, try to engage in one to one conversation, to help them extend their thought process, by explaining how they arrive to that conclusion.
  5. If they already know how to do basic mathematical operations such as: addition or subtraction, you can involve them in your daily shopping budget. They will practise their lesson and will create a sense of belonging and responsibility with their money
  6. Association activities: get them to express what they associate with a specific number. When you are in the car and children are bored you can try a simple activity with the numbers, for example: what your related with the number two, they may say: I have two pets, my brother is two years all, my mom has two best friends… or perhaps tell me what you see with the number two on it.

Well, this are just few activities you can do in your day to day, although, we think you will also like to have practical exercises that encourage your child’s critical thinking in math and in general, we found “81 Fresh & Fun Critical-Thinking Activities”  available in

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