Successfully Prepare Your Child for the Upcoming State Test

Successfully Prepare Your Child for the Upcoming State TestHere a few suggestions of what you can do to tackle State test challenges for you as a homeschool parent or for your children who will be taking on the test.

Whether or not you agree with State testing, since you want to encourage your children to achieve their highest potential in all activities, quantitatively accurate in determining their intelligence or not, helping them to prepare is imperative.





Purchase Preparatory Material
When you do not understand the State test and the types of questions that it will ask, preparing accurate and useful homeschooling activities is challenging. Having a book of review questions or using a site that offers such practice questions is useful. Before you go through them with your children, take a look at them yourself so that you can grow familiar with the type of material you should review.

Don’t Hover over Every Question
On the day of the test, your children won’t have you there to guide them through the questions.  With homeschooling activities, you want to ensure that you aren’t doing the work for them because then, you are not teaching the necessary skills and strategies for acing the exam. Provide them with time to work on the questions by themselves. After that, you can review their answers together.

Focus on More than Content

Part of taking the State test is learning how to properly answer the questions. Even if your children do not understand the content of every question on the exam, they can gain a better understanding of how the questions are constructed. Then, they will know the techniques to use to eliminate answers that are absolutely incorrect and to narrow down their choices.

Teach Process of Elimination
Teach your children how they should eliminate answers in a test, especially when they are unsure of the question. Some children will quickly forget about the question and move on to the next. Remind them that by taking that approach and leaving the question blank, they have a zero percent chance of getting it right. Even if they are entirely guessing between two choices, their chances of selecting the correct answer jump to fifty percent.

Have an online learning tool to review each concept 
While knowing how to take the exam is an important part of the process, so is mastering the content as much as possible before the State test date. After your children do some practice questions or take a practice exam, work to determine where their areas of weakness are. If you are not well-versed in the subject matter to the point where teaching your children will prove cumbersome or impossible, Consider acquiring an online learning tool, as it will give you feedback as you work along, will review the answers and will record score, for further practice and comparison. Do not forget about your children’s strengths though. Not only do they serve as points for praise, but you can also show them how to use their stronger skills to address their weaker ones.

Preparing for the state test might not only seem stressful to you, but also keep in mind the effect it has on children, so work to help them improve.

These are just few tips you can do at any time to prepare your child for the upcoming State Test. If you want to share what works for you, let’s talk on twitter @learnally

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