Summer activities for homeschoolers: benefits and ideas.

summer activities for homeschoolersDuring summer time everyone is ready for relaxation and recreation. But when planning summer activities for homeschoolers a frequently asked question appears in every homeschool household: To stop or not? Although the answers is according to each family needs, we suggest the answer to the question is: to stop your routine and try something new and different for your children.

The idea of summer activities for homeschoolers is to take a deep breath and relax. Taking the time to recharge energy for your next challenge, but, teaching your children in a fun way taking advantage of the sunny days.

What are the advantages of curriculum summer activities for homeschoolers?

  1. Although it’s with a more relax pace, children continues their skills development. With a constant teaching process, children will understand better the material and will be able to apply concepts easily.
  2. Don’t waste time in reviewing, the more time off your children have, the more time is needed to review the material they had done during the spring term.
  3. Flexibility all year around, by keeping your homeschool schedule during summer time you can be more flexible during the year, for those difficulties that arise without notice and you will need some time off.

Here some perfect summer activities for homeschoolers:

  1. Have a fun reading list: get your own personalized reading list custom to every child.
  2. Plan your outdoors trips: a visit to their favorite museum, theater, cinema, local park or a distinguished park… take them where they can learn but give them time to play and relax.
  3. Have a family holiday: encourage your children to read and investigate all they can about the place you are going. Involve them in the day to day activity planning, take pictures, make a short video, and at the end make a fun trip book.
  4. Join local programs: summer is a great moment to socialize and make friends. This activities are often free and are a nice addition to summer activities for homeschoolers. Either a workshop at the library or nature hike at the local park, your children will benefit from it.
  5. Experiment your natural surroundings: at your garden or the local farm. Take your child to the wonderful world of gardening, growing a plant from the seed to the harvest.
  6. Cooking day: cooking is an essential skill everyone should have, teach your children to develop the love for homemade food. Involve them in every step of the planning process. Ask them what they like to eat, give them a budget to buy the ingredients and be their assistant, giving them the opportunity to lead the preparation process.
  7. DIY projects can be fun: what about organizing their room or their study space? Involve them in each step of the process and more importantly have their opinions taking into account and involve them in the development phase.

Summer activities for homeschoolers can be an exciting time, where learning and interacting meet to enrich the process of learning. This is the perfect opportunity for parents to get their creative side going and surprise their children.

Keep up with your routine during the summer, remember that for some children routine gives them a sense of security or well-being.

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Here just a few options of how you can complement your summer activities for homeschoolers. Now is your turn: What does your family do during the summer? share it with us on twitter: @learnally