Tips to keep your homeschool child engaged.

homeschool childKeeping your homeschool child engaged can be a challenge if you let routine take over your activities. To tackle and enhance your homeschool child’s experience, we are going to share a few points we believe can help you to motivate you both, to keep homeschool interesting or at least not boring.


  1. Have fun!, play some Music while get work done.

The main benefit of homeschool your child, is that you get to know them better. The music which you should use will vary from one student to another. What you need to make sure is it has enough rhythm, but, not much, so your child don’t start dancing and interrupting their study session. So, volume and beat are the things you need to keep in mind when creating a study play list for your children. Researchers have found that background music improves memory and can actually help children focus.

Do and Don’ts of listening to music while study

  1. Have Small Breaks between activities.

To keep your homeschool child concentrated it is recommended to take small breaks between lessons, so they can have a snack or engage in other activities for short periods of time.   This practice has shown to increase children’ attention.

Children are very active and get bored easily, this advice is perfect to get your daily schedule done in advance, and plan all those activities that can be done before and after each lesson. It’s ideal to get advantage of this space to enrich your child’s critical thinking, and reinforce lessons in a more informal and fun way. Let your creativity guide you!

  1. It’s better to adopt an Active Learning approach.

Your homeschool child needs to socialize and entertain with a variety of hands on activities and experiments to complement their formal lessons. Look for supports groups and extra curriculum activities where you children can learn other skills and apply the knowledge they are acquiring on formal lessons. Remember sitting in front of a computer or a textbook all day can get really boring.

  1. Provide your homeschool child with immediate Feedback.

A really good practice is to provide feedback when the activity, problem or worksheet still fresh in children’s minds, this way they will understand better concepts that may not be clear and where they need to practice more, this method helps them before it all become frustrating for them.

This is also a good way to provide positive attention to the child.

  1. Take your homeschool child to do some exercise.

Extra curriculum activities! Any homeschool child should have some time out the house to keep the balance and harmony on family life. Perhaps you child loves to dance, play football, riding horse…. Or simply they love to go to the park and run around.

Is essential to burn out your child’s energy during this time, so they can concentrate on formal curriculum activities and be motivated to learn new concepts.

  1. Find the Right Program for your homeschool child.

Children learn in different ways and it is important to find a homeschooling program that fits their learning styles and their interest. If a child is an audio learner, they will benefit from listening to a lesson. Kinesthetic learners are best doing hands on lessons. Finding the program that meets their learning needs will help keep the child interest in the material.

We hope you have into account these 6 points to keep your homeschool child engaged next time you are looking for ideas or just want to get out of the routine.

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