What does learnally offer to homeschoolers?

learnally learnerAt Learnally we understood the importance of an online learning tool that fits around your daily commitments, tracks your child progress and provide the right explanation at the right time, allowing your child to learn effectively and efficiently.

There are thousands of parents who have already allied with us, helping their children to learn better across the US by enrolling them on the right path for learning success.

  1. Individualized learning: you will have at your disposal a curriculum from 1st grade to 8th grade, so you can use it according to your needs.
  2. Core common standards: our curriculum had been created by the specialist whom had participated in writing, some common core standards core books and test questions.
  3. Get your children practicing anytime anywhere: with our online learning tool you can used it in any device, taking advantage of those small moments where your child can be productive.
  4. Tracking your child progress: with the pre-test and post-test, you can review how much your child learn after practicing and reviewing all the material available.
  5. Qualifying material: our software has won numerous awards that prove and support our software quality

To give your home schooler the greatest progress, have into account the following aspects:

  • Develop automaticity through practice.
  • Accommodate different learning styles.
  • Provide ongoing feedback to students about their educational progress
  • Students must be able to assess their own progress
  • Provide instruction in as many different modalities as possible
  • Allow students to select from different ways to assess performance
  • Use the progress report for the student to record progress and set short term goals.

With Learnally, you help your children to learn better