What is the best homeschooling style?

Homeschooling style

What is the best homeschooling style? Is the question many parents ask themselves, either when they are starting their exhaustive reading about homeschooling, or maybe when they are having doubts of what they are doing. The truth is there are many homeschooling styles, and it seems like every day there are more options.

The right thing to do, as we always say in our posts, is to find what adapts best for your lifestyle and philosophy. Remember, one of many benefits of homeschooling is the freedom it provides to your family, so, you can adapt a set of skills, tools and beliefs, to give the best resources to your homeschooled child.


There are a set of topic or subjects you need to make sure your child goes through them, your choice is how to teach them. You may be using, one or a combination of the following homeschooling style.

There are many options when considering a homeschooling style, however here, we are going to touch just a few of them.

The School at home

This homeschooling style is perhaps what everyone not related to homeschooling think it is. It’s perhaps the one that inexperienced parents starts with. At the beginning it can be costly if you are inexpert parent and acquired all the material to guide you through the process, also, the school at home style, has the higher burnout rate among other styles (Overcome homeschool burnout)

In other words, with this homeschooling style, parents try to replicate the school concept at home, by adapting the desk, board, material and schedule.

The Charlotte Mason

This homeschooling style is based on the belief that children should learn in natural way, giving to him/her a good option of subjects and letting them to focus and learn at their own pace what they like the most. Here experiences and hands on approach is a daily commitment. Visiting the museum, going for a walk, learning at the park and having creative books are some ways of teaching. Test taking is not how children show their knowledge, but instead, by discussing and supporting their point of view. Variety and outdoor fun are characteristics of this curriculum.

The Classical

It has three main developing stages: Concrete (K-6th), where stress is made in building up the educational foundations, then is analytical stage (7th-8th) where their argumentative skills and critical thinking are encourage, the last stage is abstract (9th-12th) here, children become more independent in the way they think and speak. This homeschooling style promote a 4 year recurrent study of science and history.

The Eclectic

It also known as the “Relaxed” homeschooling style, because it consist in having a mixture of all others styles to fit your needs in the curriculum itself and in the family life style. This approach is ideal for those parents whom want to adapt their views in educating and education onto their children, to accomplish it, they select what seems the best to use at the time, and they strive for well-designed education that helps their children to become great people.

Here you have just some of the homeschooling styles, in the upcoming articles we are going to be talking about the other homeschooling styles, so you can have all reading the material needed to adjust or combine all the homeschooling styles you want/need to accomplish your homeschooling and educational objectives.

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