What your online learning platform should have

What your online learning platform should haveIf you are considering to get some extra help with the children educational activities, and you are thinking about an online learning platform as the best option, either for its flexibility, its affordability or its great one to one instructions, you need to evaluate some points first before choosing the best option for you and your children.

The truth is that every day, more parents are selecting an online learning platform as a complement for children´s educational activities, due to its flexibility to adapt to each family requirements.

If you consider your children belongs to one or more of the following scenarios, without doubt, your children will benefit with the interaction of an online learning platform:

  1. If your children is in the school, they will use the online learning platform to practice
  2. If your children are homeschooled, they will use the online learning platform to complement their activities
  3. If you children are struggling learner, they will use the online learning platform to reinforce or understand the core concept
  4. If you children are advanced learners, they will use the online learning platform to challenge their own knowledge

It is important to highlight at this point that the two most important core subjects, your online learning tool platform should have are: math and language arts. So if you really want to find your perfect complement you need to consider the following 8 points before committing to one:

  1. It should be educational: an online learning platform should be for the sake of educational purposes and not for entertainment
  2. It should have a performance tracker: it´s essential to keep tracked children’s development in the different core concepts, so parents can have the report and see what the child needs to reinforce.
  3. It should have a good curriculum: make sure the online learning tool has an established and well developed curriculum, so you child don’t miss any important area
  4. It should be easy to use: children must be capable to use it by their own. This also helps them to develop self-confidence and discipline skills.
  5. It should be interactive: A good online learning tool have interactivity throughout the lesson, even at the initial tutorial stage.
  6. It should give your child immediate feedback: the best way to correct children is while it still have the question fresh in their mind, a great online learning tool provide feedback immediately and allows a second chance.
  7. It should be simple, but with a great design: a simple, but not a boring design should be priority, avoid online learning tools with distractions: unnecessary graphics or other resources that can have children’s attention.
  8. It should have short and easy to follow lessons: bite size lessons structure works best for children, it encourages them to keep on going and see great results.

Don’t forget that an online learning platform should be your ally on children educational purposes and fit around your daily commitments and life style.

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These are just few points we consider very important when choosing your online learning platform, let us know what your thoughts are in twitter @learnally

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